Dashboard Trim "Singer Style" 964 / 993 / 911 (>1986 - 1989)

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Dashboard Trim "Singer Style" 964 / 993 / 911 (>1986 - 1989)

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Dashboard Trim "Singer Style" 964 / 993 / 911 (>1986 - 1989)
575,00 €
incl. 19% VAT , plus shipping costs (Standard)


Exclusively with us:
2-piece aluminum dashboard in the "Singer look" as a replacement for the foam trim. The strip is profiled (see pictures) and it can be used / fed any clothing material (eg leather, upholstery, etc.).

In the area of climate control, there is a profiled frame that surrounds the control panel and is inspired by the look of the 70s (in this version only available from us).
In addition, we offer another variant, without a cut-out for the air conditioning control unit and without a radio cut-out for an individual design by the customer or adaptation to a 911 G model from 1986.
As with the Singer model, there is no cut out for the headlamp leveling control, instead a hole is provided for a hazard warning switch between the light switch and the ignition switch (this may need to be individually adapted to the vehicle). This is possible with some skill with little effort.

The bar is milled from solid aluminum.

The 2-piece bar is designed for use without front passenger airbag. If there is a glove box, it must either be closed or the bar must be split and adjusted.

If your vehicle has a passenger airbag and you want to keep it, you'll need to tailor the bar ends around the airbag to suit your dashboard in that area. This is not a problem.

The bar with the profiled frame for the climate control unit is specially designed for the 964.

It can also be used for the Porsche 911 G models from 1986 to 1989 with the large rectangular ventilation nozzles, if you use the variant without cutout for climate control and without cutout for radios for this model, for an individual design and adaptation.

Fits 964 without airbag (with small adjustments also suitable for 964 / 993 with airbag and for 911 G [from year 1986-1989]). If you are unsure of fit / adjustment work, please contact us before purchasing.

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