Backdate fibreglass parts for Porsche 911 Singer Look
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Backdate 911 - Singer Look

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Fiberglass body lightweight-panels for backdating your Porsche 911 into Singer Style

We offer you all the necessary fibreglass lightweight body parts, which you need to backdate your Porsche 911 G model into the classical 964 Singer Porsche look.

We have matching re-design trunks and bonnets, fenders, side panels and fender flares, front and rear bumpers and duck tails.

Each conversion may also be optionally combined with other lightweight weight-loss components, such as, doors, dashboards, interior trim, door panels, mirrors or tail lamp housings.

As an optical high-light for your conversion project, we recommend the use of our engine shrouds which come in an authentic honey-colored look. All versions are available.