Singer Style steering wheel for 911 / 912 / 964 / 914-6 - R/RSR/ST/GT

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sport steering wheel reproduction / replica in black leather Ø380 mm singer look

  • Porsche model and hub design/length 

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Sports steering wheel (replica / replica) in black leather Ø380 mm (15 inch) with hockey puck horn button in R / RSR / GT style (as shown, including assembly material).

The hockey puck / horn button is a high-quality reproduction made from milled aluminum (not from cheap plastic, as original).

- Steering wheel diameter 380 mm (15 inch)
- Steering wheel rim 30 mm !! strong (similar to the thickness of the Momo sports steering wheels, very good grip)
- The steering wheel is about 80 mm dished

Available to fit all 911, 964, 993, 914-6.

Depending on the type of Porsche, available with hubs from different manufacturers (e.g. momo) and different lengths.

! Important instructions !:
The steering wheel is for racing and visually corresponds to the original R / RSR / GT steering wheel of the 70s, but has no serial number or identification and is therefore not approved for road traffic (WITHOUT TÜV and ABE!).

The total depth of the mounted steering wheel results from the length of the steering wheel hub (including an extension if necessary) and the steering wheel depth including adapter (approx. 102 mm).

Example: Momo hub C0231 (105 mm) + steering wheel depth including adapter (approx. 102 mm) = total depth / length of the mounted steering wheel (approx. 207 mm).

Please clarify the optimal length for you before buying. A later exchange for a hub with a different length is possible inexpensively.

The steering wheel is delivered pre-assembled. For final assembly, it has to be partially disassembled.

Momo hubs are supplied without horn slip rings and contact pins. For Momo hubs these parts have to be taken from the original steering wheel or if not available they have to be bought in.

FP hubs are completely ready for installation including horn slip ring for the respective vehicle type.

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Hinweise zur Montage‍: without further mounting material
Use / Application‍: Only for racing / NO street legal